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Introducing, the BIGGEST, Baddest, Most Interactive Bully Breeder Community the world has EVER seen!   We present you with the UBKC Social Network Website, designed specifically for Dog Breeders and the following they generate!

Are you tired of being charged money for using other social networks to post information about your dog?  Then this is the answer you've been waiting for! 

You can now create your own profile page, profile pages for EACH of your dogs, complete with 6 generation online pedigree, post daily blogs, forums, discussion boards, create private groups, post your events, upload videos, pictures, award documents, talk to other members in the chat-room or in PM, connect your account to your FaceBook page, host all of your files onsite AND IT'S ALL FREE!!!!

No other Bully Community on earth has EVER dared to offer you so much, for so little!

See our new ad spot in next month's issue!

Your 2 Cents Worth
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going to take advantage of this snowy days and put in some work with the hounds
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