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These chat Rules always apply anytime the chat is running, even when an admin or moderator is not present.

We encourage you to be responsible and to respect our community as well as others participating within the community. Your conduct should be guided by common sense, basic "etiquette", and the site Terms as well as general policies.

Please refrain from using slanderous speech, hate speech and extreme vulgarity. Keep in mind, that the chat room may at times have children present which are very impressionable to explicit speech. We ask that you conduct your behavior within the chat room at all times as if you would in front of your own children.

You are not permitted to publicly slander other people in a malicious manner whether or not they may be a member of the community. Likewise, you are not permitted to publicly disclose personal or private information about any third person or entity within the chat room.

You may NOT under ANY circumstance engage in "trolling or Troll-like" activities within the chat room. This includes posting links to other businesses or websites for the intent of promotional purposes. Such activity will result in your access being banned for 30 days from this chat room. - Thank you for understanding.